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All you need to know about silicone moulds

Have you ever wondered how to use a silicone mould for resin? When using PoxyArt Craft Resin you do not need to use any release agent in your mould. It’s that easy. Simply pour and unmould..

8 Steps to get the best result from silicone moulds:

  1. Ensure that your mould is clean, dry and has no pieces of dust or fluff stuck to the inside.
  2. Mix PoxyArt Craft Resin and Hardener 1:1 (Mix slowly but thoroughly for about 2-3 minutes).
  3. You know you have mixed thoroughly when you do not see anymore streaks in your cup. (add pigments if preferred)
  4. Slowly pour your mixture into your mould. It will prevent bubbles from forming.
  5. If you see any bubbles on the surface use a lighter/ torch to pop the bubbles from quite a distance, to ensure that you do not burn your silicone mould or resin. If you burn your mould, your resin piece will stick to your mould. You might end up tearing your mould to get your resin out, and no one wants that to happen.
  6. Cover your work with a box or container to ensure no dust lands on your resin piece.
  7. Now for patience! Wait 12-24 hours before unmoulding your resin piece. On a hotter day you might be able to unmould after 12 hours.
  8. After 12-24 hours you can easily unmould. Sphere’s or 3d shape moulds can be difficult to unmould, doing it under running water with dishwashing liquid makes it much easier.

Mould Lifespan:

  • Silicone moulds do not last forever. Take this into consideration when making your resin pieces.
  • You could use one mould up to 11-15 times, depending on how you use it.
  • Using mould release might extend your moulds lifespan.
  • You will realise that your moulds’ colour will start turning white and it will lose its shine. Your products will no longer be glossy and your mould may lose its original shape.
  • PoxyArt Craft Resin is solvent and VOC free, therefore cause less damage to your mould.

How to take care of your moulds:

  • After unmoulding your resin project, ensure to clean any leftover resin bits out of your mould. You can use sticky tape or Prestik to easily lift dust and get into hard to reach places.
  • Do not use any solvents/alcohol to wipe out your mould
  • Should you require to wash your mould use only cold water and dishwashing liquid and allow it to air dry.
  • As soon as your mould is dry, put your mould away as to not gather dust. The best will be to put your mould into a Ziplock bag and seal it.
  • Ensure that your mould does not get folded when storing it.

Just a sneak peak into the variety of moulds we can supply you:

  • Bookmark Moulds.
  • Coaster Moulds.
  • Jewellery Set Moulds.
  • Geode Moulds.
  • Earring Moulds.
  • Alphabet Moulds (used to make letter keyrings).
  • Trinket Bowl Moulds.
  • Notebook Moulds.
  • Tray Moulds.
  • Ring Moulds.
  • Animal Moulds.
  • Festive Moulds.
  • Game Moulds (Domino‚Äôs, Tic Tac Toe, Chess etc.).
  • Hair Clip Moulds.
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