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Drying Flowers for Resin Castings

Why do you need to dry your flowers before casting it in resin?

Flowers will naturally decompose after a period of time, casting a flower in Resin does not stop this process. Your flower will still decompose and turn brown inside you resin.

One way of preserving a flower is to dry it completely. Removing all the moisture from the flower allows the flower to still keep its colour and not rot.

What is the best way to dry your flowers?

Different flowers needs to be dried using different methods.

For small delicate flowers or petals the simple way of placing them in a book for a few weeks, will work best.

For your larger flowers like roses, that you do not want to press, you can use Silica Beads. This will remove all the moisture from the flower in a week or so, without losing its original form.

For hardy flowers like a Protea, we would suggest hanging them upside down on a string for a few weeks.

How do you dry flowers using Silica Beads?

Drying flowers using our Silica Beads can not be any simpler.

All you need is a air tight container.

Pour some Silica Beads at the bottom of your container. Place your flowers carefully on top of the beads. Pour more Silica Beads around the flowers, cover them completely with the beads. Seal the container and leave for a week or two.

Drying time does depend on the flower. When removing the flower from the Silica Beads, be careful not to damage the now dry and fragile flower.

The Silica Powder is extremely fine and will not leave indents on your petals.

The Silica Powder can be rehydrated but you will need to do this by weight as the powder does not have a colour indicator.

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