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PoxyPaste – How To Guide

Download our PoxyPaste Data Sheet & User Guide here:

Download your PDF User Guide & PoxyPaste Data Sheet:

PoxyPaste User Guide

PoxyPaste Data Sheet

PoxyPaste Guide:

What do you require:

  • PoxyPaste
  • Canvas / Board
  • Pallet Art Knife
  • Paint & Brush for priming your canvas
  • Masking Tape
  • Pearl Ex Powder Pigment

How did we do it:

  • Paint the Canvas/ Board.
  • Mask off the areas you would like to leave in the background colour.
  • Mix your PoxyPaste as per the instructions.
  • Split your PoxyPaste mixture in two and colour them with your Pearl Ex powder pigment.
  • Scrape the PoxyPaste onto your canvas/ board to create the texture.
  • If you would like to enhance the colour you can add more Pearl Ex powder ontop of your PoxyPaste by rubbing it on with your finger. The PoxyPaste and Pearl Ex will clean off easily with water or a wet wipe.
  • You can texture it up again with your art knife, before removing the tape.
  • Remove the tape while the PoxyPaste is still wet. Careful not to damage your paste while removing the tape. 
  • Leave to dry over night. 

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