PoxyArt Casting XL (River Table Casting Resin)

What Resin should I use?

Want to know how much Resin you need? We use the following links to calculate it:

For a Circle

For a Square/ Rectangle

PoxyArt Casting XL is specifically made for all XL castings, such as River Tables. Casting XL has been casted to thicknesses over 50mm and volumes over 50 litres in one pour. Be cautious when mixing big volumes at a time as Extra Large castings do require external cooling techniques to ensure the resin does not over heat.

PoxyArt Casting XL Resin is a clear, UV Stabilized Epoxy Resin for Large volume castings such as River Tables. Easy 1:2 by Weight mixing, with no fumes, no VOCs and no fuss. Can be tinted with Acrylic, Ink or Enamel Based, or powder pigments.

All our Resin’s has a 12 Month Shelve Life.

Download our Resin Data Sheet and Resin How to Guide here.

MSDS Resin & MSDS Hardener

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