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HDPE Moulds

PoxyArt’s HDPE reusable resin epoxy moulds are reusable and extremely durable. No need for tape or complicated mould release techniques. Remove the tedium from large pour projects with our HDPE reusable resin epoxy moulds. Whether you’re a beginner or a pouring pro, these moulds are a gamechanger.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is considered more durable and safer than PVC. It is a great reusable resin epoxy mould alternative to silicone moulds. When you order HDPE reusable resin epoxy moulds from PoxyArt you will receive the reusable resin epoxy mould, sealant, width dividers and all the necessary hardware. They are a great investment if you’re looking to save time on your next pour. Ordering a couple of our HDPE reusable resin epoxy moulds will be one of the best decisions in your resin journey you’ll ever make.

The inside measurement of our reusable resin epoxy moulds is 55cm x 28cm x 4cm.

You can also purchase our non-stick HDPE levelling tables, with easy setup, to ensure your resin projects is perfectly level.

For more information about our HDPE reusable resin epoxy moulds and levelling tables, contact us or browse through our website to see what else we offer resin artists.

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