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Recycled Glass

PoxyArt offers a range of coloured recycled glass chippings. Using recycled glass chippings in your resin art projects, creates textured areas and other special effects.

Recycled glass chippings and PoxtArt Resin are ideal to create the perfect geode project.

Adding recycled glass chippings to resin also replaces resin in volume, thus reducing your resin costs.

Our recycled glass chippings come in various sizes. You should be able to handle the glass without gloves. However, PoxyArt can’t guarantee that no sharp edges or points exist, and we recommended wearing gloves when handling the recycled glass chippings.

Medium recycled glass chippings

These chunks of recycled glass chippings vary in size from 3 mm – 6mm.

Large recycled glass chippings

These recycled glass chippings generally range in size from 5 mm – 20 mm.

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Recycled Glass Chippings to create texture in your Resin art

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