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Resin Pearl Stud Earrings

What do you require:

  • PoxyArt Craft Resin
  • Stud Earrings
  • Mixing cup
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Pearl Ex Powder Pigment
  • Silicone working mat
  • Something to push your earrings in to keep them level for working
  • Lighter, to pop any small bubbles on the surface

How did we do it:

  • Remove the backs form your studs and push them into your sponge or silicone block. Make sure they are level.
  • Mix your PoxyArt Craft Resin by volume. Mix only enough for your project, and make sure you follow the mixing instruction.
  • After your resin is mixed well, divide them into your cups or silicone surface to make your different colour.
  • Add your PearlEx powder to your resin. Make sure not to add more than 10% pigment to your resin or it will not harden.
  • Add your resin drop by drop to your stud until you get a nice dome shape. Be careful not to put to much as it will run over the edge. 
  • You can pop any bubbles that might rise to the surface, by passing over your earrings quickly with a lighter flame. Do not do this for too long, as your resin can burn.
  • Cover your earrings with a bowl or box, to keep dust from settling on your earrings while they cure. Leave them for 24 hours before using.
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